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Ending Poverty Pathways

This course is designed to help you learn at your own pace as you advocate for and advance high-impact ending poverty pathways in your community.


Welcome to the Ending Poverty Pathways Online Course. In this course, you'll be guided through reflective questions and exercises that will help you make the most of the course materials and content. Join Natasha Pei, Associate Director of the Communities Ending Poverty team, in this new five-module course. Topics include Ending Working Poverty, Governments and Communities Ending Poverty, and Big Ideas for Ending Poverty.


To support government, business, non-profit, and lived/living experience leaders to understand, advocate for, and advance high-impact ending poverty pathways in their communities.

Learning Objectives

  • Make the case for proven pathways that contribute to the end of poverty 

  • Engage government, business, non-profit, Indigenous, and lived/living experience leaders strategically to drive local ending poverty work forward

  • Prioritize high-impact activities, strategies, and policies to focus on ending poverty efforts based on what is working across the Communities Ending Poverty network

  • Commit to actioning Ending Poverty Pathways using a collaborative and multi-sectoral approach.

This course is available to use at your own pace, but you'll be learning alongside a diverse group of Tamarack Institute learners. Engage in comments and questions on the online platform, and join us for monthly Q&A sessions for a deeper dive into the content and to get more personalized insights.

What Will You Learn?

The Ending Poverty Pathways course is divided into five main lessons:

LESSON ONE: The End of Poverty
Begin with some inspiration, as you learn about what Canada has accomplished so far. Explore the changing role of municipalities, and how Saint John and Hamilton have moved the needle toward ending poverty in their communities.

LESSON TWO: Ending Working Poverty
Learn how governments, employers, and non-profits can end working poverty through increased minimum wages, reformed income supports for full-time decent work, and equitable hiring and procurement policies.

LESSON THREE: Federal, Provincial, and Territorial Governments Ending Poverty
Apply a Collective Impact lens as you explore the role of the federal government in ending poverty and learn about the critical links between provincial/territorial poverty reduction plans and the essential place-based work of communities.

LESSON FOUR: Cities and Communities Ending Poverty
Learn why cities and communities are so well-positioned to assess local challenges, harness community assets, and bring people together across sectors to nudge policy and systems change.

LESSON FIVE: Big Ideas for Ending Poverty
Explore three big ideas: Basic Income as a transformational approach to ending poverty; Quebec's innovative child care model; and, Built for Zero Canada's data-driven national change effort for ending homelessness.

Pricing and Logistics:

The course costs $249 for single registration with a group rate of $199 per registrant for groups of 3 and above. These rates include access to the online course platform, the course workbook, and Q&A sessions.

Your fees support our work toward ending poverty in Canada. Scholarships are available for individuals lived/living experience of poverty. To inquire, please reach out to Stephanie.

For more information about the course or issues accessing the course, please contact Ruté for more information.

Meet Natasha, Your Ending Poverty Pathways Instructor

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